Jordan Shoesmith
After a life long journey, a short one at that so far, through Europe and across the Atlantic Ocean to the land of opportunity; after enduring the first few bullied years of culture shock in big time Arkansas (relatively speaking) and then enjoying the liberating lifestyle of the good ole conservative south through my last couple years of high school - whose mascot was 'Johnny Reb', a wood-carved statue of what is supposed to portray a Confederate soldier - I, with a little luck and opportune family location, moved eastward to attend the University of Hartford where I am now studying International Studies and Political Economy. Both my aunt and uncle studied there, which was how I was introduced to the institution, and since they lived - and still live - in East Haddam, the town became my new home. Then this past year I inked my civil societal contribution to the town by registering a newly purchased car at my wonderful family's home, thus assuring that my property taxes would naturally go to the town of East Haddam. I am an offical East Haddamer! Hope that's how you say it.
Nevertheless, I spend my summers here and have learned much about the community over dinner conversations with the family and through the various local events that I have attended. Also, my love for romanticizing every possible aesthetic sight in the world has drawn me even deeper into the likes of East Haddam, given its impeccable placement  near the shore, laden with riverside views and attractions, complimented by a picturesque bridge and the notable Goodspeed Opera House, and the natural appeal I find myself having to the local food scene and the community in general.  One of the hobbies I picked up before going off to college was photography, and East Haddam has been on the opposite side of my camera throughout much of the last 2 years, and given my hopes for a possible future in writing, I wish to combine two of the greatest aspects of my life into something contributory and productive for the East Haddam-Haddam community.  Hope you enjoy my writing. Cheers.  
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