VIDEO: Creating a Chain Reaction in East Haddam

Part two of a three-part series on how Nathan Hale-Ray Middle School is taking a proactive approach to prevent bullying by promoting a culture of kindness.


A chain reaction is a series of events where each event influences the next. Chain reactions can be negative like when a series of cars crash into each other, one slamming into the next and so on. Or, as in the case of some East Haddam middle school students, a chain reaction can be the start to a positive school environment that helps diminish bullying by promoting kindness, one act at a time.

The students at began a chain reaction back in October when they pledged to create a culture of kindness in their school and community by overcoming prejudices, choosing positive influences and committing to engaging in small acts of kindness.

Looping around the middle school gym this past Friday, a symbolic chain of kindness was presented by the Chain Reaction Club. All of the students at the school were given the opportunity to create a link for the kindness chain.

On their link students could write any act of kindness (something they did or something they saw someone else do), according to Kaitlin Besier, Youth Activities Coordinator for East Haddam Youth and Family Services (EHYFS).

The Chain Reaction Club has approximately 50 student members and 5 adult advisers. The group worked together throughout the school year  to spread the message of kindness and compassion throughout the East Haddam community.

The group was formed out of , which was presented to the school in October.

to find out more on how Nathan Hale-Ray Middle School, in conjunction with EHYFS and MPAC is taking a proactive approach to prevent bullying by promoting a culture of kindness.


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