Letter to the Editor: Support Jamie Lehane for BOE Seat

Killingworth will hold a town meeting on March 5 to elect a member of the DIstrict 17 Board of Education, a seat left vacant by the resignation of Keith Kelsey.


Killingworth residents have the unique opportunity this coming Monday to elect a highly qualified person to the Regional School District #17 Board of Education. Jamie Lehane is a 25 year resident of Killingworth and has had three children go through our school system. Jamie has been active in our town on various commissions, committees, and now serves in an elected position. 

In reviewing Jamie’s extensive resume, there is so much that relates to children, families, and personnel/budget management. Jamie’s education includes Yale University-School of Medicine, Southern Connecticut State University-study in substance abuse, University of Bridgeport-Master of counseling program, and college-Holy Cross where he received his degree in psychology. 

Jamie is currently serving as Regional Director for Clinical and Community Services, CT Department of Children and Families. Previously, he served as Behavioral Health Program Director for the state. He oversaw a budget of approximately 25 million dollars. From the 1980s on Jamie’s professional activities have included numerous Director and Administrative positions centered on children, counseling, mental health, and drug abuse.

Jamie’s long record of achievements in Connecticut gives a good indication of the kind of a board member he might be. He would bring a special knowledge and experience to the board. However, I am even more impressed with his personal traits. Jamie is a good communicator. He listens well. He respects others. We, as a town, are fortunate to have someone of this caliber willing to assume this responsibility and commitment.

Susan Dean

Killingworth (Board of Education member)

Peggie Bushey March 02, 2012 at 01:41 PM
Where has Jaime been all these years when he could have sought a seat on the school board? We just had an election in November! I am sorry, he seems like a nice man, but I think it really is bad timing for the Dems to try to seize power at the expense of a man who was forced to term due to illness! It's not like Keith wanted to step down. And anyone who knows Keith knows it is his desire for Jim Lippert to take his seat. This might have been a good time for the Dems to just sit one out and let this one remain a republican seat. To make this a political power play is beyond the pale to me. I am sad it is happening and wish Jaime would just continue what he is doing and let this one go. There is no need for these games in this issue. Jim Lippert does not need on the job training for this position and since we are right in the begining of budget negotiations, I see putting Jaime in right now as a really bad move! Jim already knows the budget process and the towns and has the experience. Dems...let this one ride out of common decency!
Fiona Phelan March 02, 2012 at 04:44 PM
I would think it would be up to the voters to decide who replaces someone to an elected postion not up to the person vacating the position regardless of the circumstances. As to where has Mr. Lehane been - busy serving on other boards and commissions for our great community. The voters will decide on Monday. This is not a power play but democracy the way it should be.
Don Lehane March 02, 2012 at 06:25 PM
The comment above exemplifies why Killingworth residents have a clear choice at the Special Town Meeting on Monday night. All who know Jamie understand that his interests in running for the Board of Education are far from partisan. The last thing we need on our school board is partisan politics. He believes that issues need to be carefully studied and decided on their merits and in the interest of all Killingworth's residents regardless of party affiliation. There was a day under the former Killingworth Town Charter that all boards and commissions were balanced with Republicans, Democrats, and an unaffiliated voter. Let's keep that spirit of working together for the best interest of our constituents alive today. Vote for Jamie. Don Lehane
Mike Butler March 02, 2012 at 08:06 PM
The point is obvious. Of course the voters will decide—that's why we are having this meeting! But it behooves us not to take Keith's endorsement too lightly. Keith knows how tough the job is, and he knows that Jim can do it and has done it well. And I know that Jim has also faced Democrat opponents before, so I'm pretty confident with that. Talk is cheap, but solid, documentable accomplishments such as those of Jim Lippert on the BOE are a little harder to come by. I might add that experience counts. I look forward to meeting Jamie Lehane on Monday night. It looks to be an interesting contest. I am proud to say that I'm supporting Jim Lippert, and I'm asking my friends and neighbors to do likewise.
George Hedrick March 04, 2012 at 11:11 AM
It is obvious Mr. Lippert has excellent credentials and is the most qualified for the BOE I am also encourageing my friends and neighbores to give Mr. Lippert their full support.


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