Letter to the Editor: Cartier Will Put State Back on Path to Prosperity

Killingworth's finance board chairman says 12th District Senate candidate Cindy Cartier's experience and fiscal responsibility make her a good choice on Nov. 6.


If we are to return Connecticut to prosperity once again, major changes in the State Legislature need to be made now. We must elect legislators who are experienced problem solvers, fiscally prudent, have the courage to make difficult decisions; and are thoroughly knowledgeable of the difficult challenges facing our smaller Connecticut communities.  Such a candidate is Cindy Cartier, and I am honored to enthusiastically endorse her candidacy for State Senator in the 12 District.

We currently enjoy a 9% unemployment rate, are ranked the 46th worst state in which to conduct business, and Barrons lists Connecticut as the 50th worst state in terms of fiscal solvency, including pensions. Our business community is unable to thrive due to excessive taxation and regulation as revenue to the state coffers continues to slide, and spending increases. This is hardly a record worthy of rewarding the Democratic incumbents with your vote. 

Those of us in local government continually struggle to manage our finances under a crushing burden of unfunded and underfunded mandates. Such mandates as prevailing wage restrictions that unnecessarily drive up the costs of municipal projects, the pitifully funded PILOT program for state owned properties in our towns, and the Minimum Budget Requirement for educational spending are three that come to mind.  

Cindy Cartier thoroughly understands these issues because she continually has lived with them as a member of the Guilford Boards of Selectmen and Education, and to her credit has successfully advanced ways to affordably overcome these and other challenges through helping to develop a policy of long range capital planning, improving the budget process, and a program to reduce healthcare costs. 

Cindy is a skilled problem solver and has the talent necessary to craft legislation that can enable the State of Connecticut and the communities in this district to begin the long journey back to prosperity. Please join me in voting for Cindy Cartier on November 6th

John W. McMahon Chairman, Killingworth Board of Finance


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