Haddam Preliminary Election Results

Paul DeStefano is leading by a large margin.

The Republican Party in Haddam is leading the election results for Tuesday's vote. Final numbers are in the process of being tallied and will be updated when available.


HADDAM ELECTION RESULTS (As of midnight Tuesday)
(D=Democrat; R=Republican; P=Petitioning) (*=winners; results unofficial; missing Haddam Neck) FIRST SELECTMAN Paul DeStefano (R) 1,227 Peter Arsenault (D) 657 SELECTMAN Bob Duval (R) 1,242 Sean Donlan (D) 991 TOWN TREASURER Robin Munster (R) 1,415 TAX COLLECTOR Kristin Battistoni (R) 988 Maryellen Prill (D) 855 BOARD OF FINANCE Marjorie Debold (D) 1,107 Harlan Fredericksen (R) 944 Ed Schwing (D) 878 Barbara Cougle (R) 817 BOARD OF FINANCE ALTERNATE Joseph Centofanti (R) 1,334 BOARD OF ASSESSMENT APPEALS Joann Woickelman (R) 1,443 PLANNING & ZONING COMMISSION Art Kohs (R) 1,066 Steve Bull (R) 1,060 Jamin Laurenza (R) 950 John Bosco (D) 815 Malcolm Gorin (D) 790 Gordon Hard (D) 734 PLANNING & ZONING COMMISSION ALTERNATE Edward Wallor (R) 1,029 Bob Braren (D) 740 ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS Thomas Berchulski (D) 1,028 Margo Chase-Wells (R) 995 Jen O'Neal (R) 970 Jim Biondi (D) 928 Rusty Clowes (D) 907 ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS ALTERNATE Mary Hickish (D) 921 Bill Winakor (R) 859 BOARD OF EDUCATION Sue Twachtman (R) 964 Amy Jacques-Purdee (D) 866 Becky Valenti (R) 861 Keith Doucette (R) 834 Mark Almeida (D) 763 Dan Chase (D) 745 Walter Bragoni (P) 441


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