East Haddam Schools Could Lose Nearly $20K in Grant Funding if Sequester Goes Through

This would include a cut of $14,240.73 to IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) grant money to the town, which is used towards special education needs.


East Haddam schools stand to lose $19,470.70 in federal funding if Congress goes through with the $85 billion sequestration, a series of automatic spending cuts that would affect the whole country, on Friday, March 1.

Those funding cuts come in the form of three separate federal grants allocated to the East Haddam school district for expenses related to special education and other school expenditures.

The breakdown on what East Haddam would lose under the federal sequester:

  • Title 1 Grant to LEA (Local Education Agency)..............$3,021.11
  • Title II Teacher Quality State Grant................................$2145.86
  • IDEA Section 611 Grant to State..................................$14,240.73

According to Superintendent Mary Beth Iacobelli, the Title I grant goes towards helping students who need additional support in language arts and math; the Title II grant towards reducing class sizes through things like tutors to support in-class help and professional development for the teachers; and the IDEA grant money is used towards the district's special education costs.


The good life in East Haddam February 28, 2013 at 08:32 PM
"the Title II grant towards reducing class sizes through things like tutors to support in-class help and professional development for the teachers" How, for the love of God, do tutors and professional development reduce class size???
Avid reader February 28, 2013 at 10:52 PM
Tutors~ where the heck are they we have spent thousands of dollars on educational specialist to come to our ppt's for my son to recieve services sense first grade fighting for him! i have paid for tutors during the summer months so that my son does NOT fall behind and is able to continue on to the next grade level at our expense. They have NOT offered him a tutor! he is sent home with a daily agenda every day not filled out by what we call the EDUCATERS... I continue to send emails and notes in his binder in regards to the work my son has so he can get the credit that he so much deserves. and NO response in the agenda. They claim that that No child is left behind, check the stats for EAST HADDAM every child is left behind ..... and mine is clearly being one of them pushed thru the system struggling everyday if it wasnt for the help of us footing the bill for the extra help who knows what would happen!
The good life in East Haddam February 28, 2013 at 11:59 PM
Where on Earth did you get the notion that they care about your child?
save our schools March 01, 2013 at 07:26 PM
Looks like one more opportunity for the BoE to freeze the budget. The BoE has been freezing the budget year over year with any excuse they can dream up. The premise of freezing the budget is to keep the BoE from over spending a very good idea but the reality is the BoE will use this caveat to put money into the Capital Reserve Fund. Last year the budget was frozen in February and $234,549.99 was returned to the BoE for their special projects and items that they fail to budget for; repair of the elementary school roof,an accounting Software program and the repair of the school wells so that they were compliant with the state health code(something they have know about for years!). This year it looks like the budget was frozen in January 2013. The $234,549.99 was money that we the taxpayers approved at referendum believing that it would be spent on the children’s education. I’m not saying that the repairs and software up grades were not necessary but they need to be transparent with our tax dollars and budget with integrity and not lead us astray. Our children’s education is suffering. It is difficult to follow the BoE and the delivery of education to our children; minutes from the monthly BoE, Finance Subcommittee and Long Rang Planning Subcommittee meetings have not been posted since November 2012 .


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