A Reminder to Residents to Lock their Vehicles

Several unlocked vehicles in Killingworth have been entered into and small items taken as the vehicle sits parked in residents' driveways or on the street. Keep vigilant and always lock your car.


It may seem a simple thing to remember to lock your car, truck or SUV after you park it in your driveway, but an alarming number of residents fail to hit the "lock" button on their car keys, especially at night.

According to a statement from Killingworth Resident State Trooper Matthew Ward, several unlocked vehicles were entered the night of March 25 in the areas of Kimberly Lane and Route 148 in Killingworth.  Similar incidents also happened on Route 148 and Butter Jones Road in Chester.

Ward stated that, "Minimal items were taken, however, is it a reminder to lock your vehicles in your driveways."

Many vehicle owners' leave items such as their GPS, music, books, a briefcase, spare change and small bills in their cars.

Over in Haddam, several vehicles were damaged the evening of March 23 when a person or persons used a BB gun to shoot at windows on vehicles.  There are no suspects in that case at this time. 

So as a reminder, please LOCK your vehicle when it is parked outside your home, on the street, in town, or anywhere.

If anyone has any information please feel free to contact Trooper Ward at the Killingworth Resident State Trooper's location on the Route 81/Route 80 circle at 860-663-1132 or Troop F in Westbrook at 800-256-5761.

"Please remain vigilant and report any suspicious vehicles or people," stated Ward.

Kristen Melnick March 27, 2013 at 12:11 PM
On the night of the 23rd some wonderful person siphoned over 1/2 tank of diesel from my husbands work truck sitting near the end of our driveway on 81. They were kind enough to leave the gas cap off, sitting on the hood... That's the only reason we knew!


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