Alleged Haddam Pot Grower Pleads Not Guilty

Aaron Lehet faces multiple felony charges including running a marijuana factory out of his apartment after being arrested by state and federal authorities during a drug bust in early August.


A 22-year-old Higganum man pleaded not guilty to a list of charges stemming from allegations that he was was growing over 8 pounds of marijuana in his apartment.

Aaron Lehet entered not guilty pleas on Aug. 15 to the drug charges during an appearance in Middlesex Superior Court. A superior court judge ordered Lehet to report to an Alternative Incarceration Center, meaning Lehet will have to comply with a series of court orders — including random drug tests — while he remains at liberty on a $1,000 bond.

Lehet was arrested after state police and agents from the federal Drug Enforcement Agency ascended on his 8 Depot Hill Road home on Aug. 7 following an investigation into alleged drug activity there.

According to court files, police say Lehet was running a marijuana growing operation with 3,700 grams of narcotics, growing lights and other paraphernalia.

Court documents detail how the home was “in complete disarray” with mold and animal feces throughout. Officers seized two dogs from the apartment and took them to Haddam Animal Control Office.

After Lehet’s arraignment on Aug. 8, a judge released him on a promise to appear back in court.

On Aug. 22, police said he broke into the Haddam dog pound to get his two pitbull dogs back, however Trooper Enrico Milardo caught him before he could escape in his Jeep.

Lehet is due back in court on Oct. 31.

Observor September 26, 2012 at 05:36 PM
Last I looked the statutes don't make any distinction between the dried and undried versions, although you do seem to know a lot about the processing of this plant. My guess is that they uprooted the plants and weighed them before taking some for evidence and destroying the rest. I don't think anyone would get too far in court wih a defense of "They should have, like, dried it, man. And what about the seeds and the stems, your honor? No body smokes the seeds and the stems."
Aaron Lehet October 30, 2012 at 08:09 PM
There was no where near the amount of weed the police are claiming. The only way they could get that amount was buy weighing jars that had less than a half gram in them. There was also not a single plant growing. Hence why they didn't release any pictures of there supposed big bust. They had to say something though to justify stealing my vehicles and wasting tax dollars investigating me. My house wasn't as bad as they claimed. I was in a bit of a depression from the one year anniversary of the death of my baby brother. The state really needs to focus more on the real problems happening in the state like the absurd amounts of heroin flowing through the streets. It's really nice of them busting someone who smokes to try and with PTSD and chronic pain. Good job. And good job patch for posting pictures that aren't connected to me at all. I also have had my dogs back for awhile. The incident that happened at the pound was because the dog warden had told me the town selectman wanted her to euthanize the dogs after she told me she wouldn't release them to me even though I had the money to pay the pound fees. The police where only called to calm me down and no one was looking to press charges. Trooper milardo even told the dog warden that the charges should be dropped. So for the record again there were no plants growing in the house at all.


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