Open Mic Night at NHRMS in East Haddam

5th grade American idols!
5th grade American idols!

Open Mic Night at Nathan Hale-Ray Middle School is all about providing an opportunity for kids to express themselves musically in a casual, relaxed setting, on home turf that is already well-known as a mecca of musical activity. Open Mic is just that - “open” to all grade 4-8. NHRMS kids who want to sing, socialize, maybe play guitar, keyboards, or drums, regardless of experience. The equipment is provided, all the kids need to do is bring a backing track on an iPod – then make music!

Open Mic Night is run by a small group of dedicated parent volunteers, but the enthusiasm of the kids themselves is the driving force behind Open Mic Night. A sign-up sheet keeps things fair and flowing, and the performances range from solos to small groups, a cappella, guitarists, drummers, keyboard players, and every conceivable combination of all these genres.  The abundant musical talent and ambition, coupled with the enthusiastic support freely given to their musical peers, makes this a very engaging and positive 2½ hour experience every month.


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