Letter to the Editor: An Open Letter to the Citizens of Killingworth

A thank you to the citizens of Killingworth from the Republican Town Committee and a promise to work together to develop a new right sized and right priced proposal to come up with a solution for the Killingworth Town Hall problem.


The KRTC is grateful for the support of the many hard working taxpaying citizens of Killingworth who have chosen to stand together and resoundingly defeat the town hall expansion proposal. The referendum saw a turnout of over 1,450 voters with a more than 2 to 1 majority against the project. This sent a very clear message that the proposal is simply - the wrong choice for our town.  In a time when a simple majority is often difficult to achieve this type of majority is a very clear mandate that a new direction is needed for the town hall solution.

The KRTC continues to believe that the solution must be permanent but we also remain convinced the plan must be far simpler and far less expensive. Our process was perceived by some as a political exercise on our part. We meant it as a necessary step on the way to a better solution. We are fully prepared to engage with the members of the Building Committee and our representatives on the Board of Selectman to develop a new right sized and right priced proposal to solve the problem we are facing.

We have expressed many concerns over the past several weeks and we have heard a great many ideas we believe can help develop a cost effective solution in the near term. The problems with the modules are real and require a timely response. We will be contacting the concerned parties immediately to offer assistance and ideas.

As a courtesy to the town’s people we will post times and dates for town meetings for all who wish to be kept informed. You are welcome to be a guest at these town meetings at any time.

We believe in maintaining transparency along with a fiscally conservative approach as all parties work cooperatively to develop a cost effective and right sized solution. We invite any and all comments which can be directed to our website at www. KillingworthGOP.org and we look forward to working with all of you as these moves forward.

Thank you again for voting and being part of the process.


Killingworth Republican Town Committee


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