Dogs Have Good Memories, Too

"Watching the rescue dogs that have come through my house, I have to say that for a while I feel they remember the bad things, but when they are around good things, the bad tends to fade away."

How many of you have seen the YouTube videos of dogs welcoming their owner’s home from the military? I cry almost every time I see them. As I
watched one today, I saw another titled "Reunited After 3.5 Years!" Joplin, the dog, seems so excited and happy to see its owner. The video indicated that the owner had been incarcerated, but it is OK, it doesn’t really matter. 

After watching, I wondered if they remember everything, or choose to remember only the things they want. Watching the rescue dogs that have come through my house, I have to say that for a while I feel they remember the bad things, but when they are around good things, the bad tends to fade away. 

For an example, I have told you about my old foster that would hide between my legs during a walk, or at an event. Now when he is over and we go for a walk he walks out in front with the other dogs with confidence and pride. His tail is up and he prances down the street. 

I recently helped a little dog at my work that was stranded during Tropical Storm Debby. He was wet, scared, had been out in it a while, his hair was long and covering his eyes. I put him in my car, called the rescue, we had a groomer come and help him while I was at work.

When I went to pick him up, he jumped on my lap, and put his head on my chest. The next day, I went to the foster's house to visit him, and he again, jumped on my lap, gave me a kiss and laid down on my lap. It was one of the most wonderful feelings. It seemed as though he was saying thank you.

This is a wonderful feeling that happens each time I see one of the dogs that have been in my home as a foster. This helps me believe the dogs do remember and they choose to remember the good things and the good people.

Why can’t we as humans do this?

You can go to your local shelter or rescue to adopt! See animals for adoption at Pinellas County Animal Services or, right here in town, Dunedin Doggie Rescue.

Katie Dolac July 16, 2012 at 12:30 PM
Aren't dogs great?! My dog did not recognize my dad when he came home from his deployment! We opened the door has he walked up the driveway thinking she'd go nuts with excitement. But I guess he had lost so much weight, he must have looked like a stranger. All the hair on her back stood on end and she growled! Of course we all laughed hysterically, because my dad had the most incredulous look on his face! It took her a couple minutes, but she did finally remember — I think by the sound of his voice! Lol.
Chris Sansbury July 16, 2012 at 12:52 PM
What a wonderful essay. You've given me something to think about. My dog does remember anybody who has ever given her a walk or fed her, and she showers them with love when they come visit and then harasses them endlessly to do it again.
jennne January 14, 2013 at 05:48 AM
Amazing write up, i completely agree with you. Our pet always becomes a family member and is treated like one of us. http://www.petmemoriesok.com


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