East Haddam Architect Talks Sustainable Design on WESU-FM Radio Show

George Fellner says the confluence of environmental issues have created a new mindset for sustainability. He guests on River Valley Rhythms, Wesleyan's radio station WESU-FM 88.1 in Middletown.


Architect George Fellner of East Haddam focuses on sustainable design as the principal of Fellner Associated Architects. More and more homes, he says, and buildings are incorporating "green" technology.

Fellner, 57, was chosen by Middletown Arts Coordinator Stephan Allison for his weekly radio show, River Valley Rhythms, which airs on Wesleyan University's WESU-FM 88.1 in Middletown.

The interesting local interview, "Sustainable Design Strategies in Architecture," aired last week, however the show archive is available online here.

"The realities of rising energy costs, economic challenges, and increasing data regarding relationships connecting carbon emissions and climate change have effectively created a new mindset for sustainability," Fellner writes on his website.

"I like being small because it gives me the chance to work with my clients and be hands-on," Fellner says on the radio show. "I try to focus on sustainable design, it's something that's been in my heart since college. Back in the '70s, 'energy-conscious design' was the term used and it was — at least in the architectural field — very strong."

Fellner offers a tip: To get to the show, skip past the six-minute introductory song at the beginning of the program.

"We cover a lot of ground … starting with some photography stuff …. and the majority of it on sustainable design strategies," Fellner says.

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