Ziobron Nominated For State Representative Re-Election Run

Running for her second term as the state representative for the 34th District, Melissa Ziobron was unanimously endorsed by the district's Republican delegates on May 14.

Melissa Ziobron (R) won unanimous endorsement from district delegates on May 14. Credit: CT GOP Party
Melissa Ziobron (R) won unanimous endorsement from district delegates on May 14. Credit: CT GOP Party

The following is a press release from the members of the 34th District Republican Convention.

Running for re-election for her second term in the 34th District, Melissa Ziobron (R) won unanimous endorsement from district delegates on May 14th. 

The convention was held at Angelico’s Lakehouse in East Hampton and was chaired by Patience Anderson.  

Delegates from East Hampton, East Haddam and Colchester were in attendance, along with Ziobron’s family.

David Balthazar made the opening nomination and cited her work ethic, family values, steadfast support of constituents in the district, while noting that she is well respected by her peers. 

Deb Denette, who is the Town Clerk in East Haddam made the seconding nomination. 

She cited a former state party chairman who had this to say about Ziobron, after her appearance on Face the State, which aired on Mother’s Day: “Melissa is one of the bright stars - smart, an independent thinker, hard working and touch as tempered steel”.  

Denette, who has known Ziobron for almost two decades, said she was proud to be there in support of her re-election. After several other delegate remarks, Ziobron spoke to the crowd. 

First she thanked her family, friends and supporters for their encouragement and support over the last two years. 

She went on to explain that “I am known as one that asks the tough questions. But not any questions, the RIGHT questions. I do my research and am not afraid to work hard and dig deeper. I am learning every day, but now I understand more about the process, which will benefit those who live here” she said.

She went on to cite many accomplishments during her freshmen term. Highlighting things like her efforts to clean up Sunrise State Park and obtaining new funding for additional statewide park staff, dedication of a portion of Rte. 151 in memory of PFC Peter Golec, and obtaining a 100 percent voting record. 

In addition, she has obtained over $1 Million in district funding and continues to stand by promises made in 2012. She is one of few legislators who do not send tax payer funded mailings and had promised to stop this long held practice, which saves thousands of taxpayer dollars annually. 

Lastly, she outlined her 2014 priorities which are Economy, Environment, and Education.  For additional detailed information on her priorities for the next two years and her time in the legislature visit www.melissaziobron.blogpsot, where all pertinent links are available.

Barbi B. May 24, 2014 at 08:35 PM
Congratulations Melissa! Great to see that you'll be running again, and thanks for all of your continued hard work! :-)
Resident May 27, 2014 at 09:43 PM
Melissa please inform the voters exactly what you have done that actually has impacted education, the economy or residents of East Haddam that has facilitated change of any sort. Sunrise does not count because you cost tax payers more money and showing up for ribbon cutting ceremonies to take advantage of the free publicity does not count either. Do us all a favor pick a side one way or another stick with it and get something done. This is not the BOE it's the real world.
Observor May 28, 2014 at 05:52 PM
Talk is cheap, resident. Why don't you run against her if you could do a better job? And OBTW, the state bought (read: grossly overpaid for) Sunrise before Ms. Ziobron was in office and then couldn't get anyone with a functioning brain to do anything with it. I'm glad she got the dump leveled, it was a litany of future arson fires waiting to happen.
Resident May 29, 2014 at 05:31 PM
So you can't answer the questions either can you! What are Ziobron's accomplishments in areas of education, economy, environment, crime reduction? Whose talk is cheap?


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