Killingworth Library Staff Says "No More Book Donations At This Time"

In anticipation of their Feb. 16 sale, the library is literally overrun with book donations. They say "thanks, but no thanks" to any new donations for the sale until it's over and the next one is in the works.


Because the folks in Killingworth are so generous, the head librarian at the Killingworth Library has said, "kindly wait on donating any more books until the February sale is over."

The library will hold one of its book sales on Saturday, February 16 from 9am to 3pm at the library on Route 81. The sale will be held inside in the meeting room and in the lobby.

The library holds three big sales a year - in February, May and August, and smaller ones such as the "Blow Out Booksale" in June and the "Holiday Book Sale" in December.

For the Feb. 16 sale, the library has all it can handle in donations.

"People can begin donating their books again as early as Monday, Feb. 18, which is President's Day," said Tammy Eustis, head librarian.

The library is open three holidays a year: President's Day, Veteran's Day and Columbus Day.

Available for purchase at the sale are all kinds of hardcover and paperback books: fiction and non-fiction, cookbooks, mysteries, biographies, etc.  There are books for adults, young adults and children.

There's usually a bake sale, too. 


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