Irene: One Year Ago

Last year at this time, we were in the midst of Irene. What do you remember most about last year's storm?




Today marks the one-year anniversary of Irene, the hurricane downgraded to a tropical storm, that hit our area: high winds, torrents of rain, broken trees, downed lines and no electricity for a week or more.

What do you remember most about the storm? I remember being without power for 9 days, hauling water from our back river to flush our toilets, going to bed earlier, playing more games than usual with the kids and trying to provide storm coverage on Patch without electricity or a decent cell signal! 

I also remember reading about the effects the storm had on other nearby Patch towns including the damage to a .

Most importantly, I remember being amazed at how the citizens and emergency personnel of  and came together during a natural disaster to provide food, comfort and safety for its neighbors.

What memories do you have of the storm? Share your memories below in the comments. Or, add your storm photos.

Editor's Note: The storm occured before Killingworth was moved to this current Patch site.


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