Blizzard Update From Haddam First Selectman

In Haddam, several roads are either impassable or blocked, the transfer station is closed until further notice and there are no power outages.


From Haddam First Selectman Paul DeStefano

One of the worst, if not the worst, blizards in the history of Connecticut is beginning to wind down. The Governor has proclaimed a State of Emergency and all roads are closed at this time. In Haddam, several roads are either impassable or blocked

The Department of Public Works asks for your patience and cooperation until they can get their equipment mobile and fully operational. The Transfer Station is closed today and depending on how long the storm takes to wind down, may be closed tomorrow as well. We will provide additional hours of operation for next week, and a notice will be posted on our website. 

Although we are fortunate enough not to have any power outages at this time, we have opened the lines to our emergency operation center.

Please remember to properly vent generators if they are used in your cleanup efforts. Also, please remember not to let your pets roam freely in the snow as they can be easily overwhelmed and disoriemted. Those of you who are impaired and have registered with the town will ne contacted acordingly.

Please stay safe.

Keep the river front for all of us February 09, 2013 at 07:04 PM
Snow plow came through once early this morning. First selectman is telling everyone to stay home----we don't really have a choice. My road comes out onto Rt. 154 (which is pretty clear)----I just can't get to it. Kinda feel like I am being held hostage.
Carolyn Mariconi February 09, 2013 at 08:42 PM
We're definitely stuck! Can't even get out of the house, but no matter, the roads are not clear. We are on Mario at Arkay, off of Gunger Hill, off of Little City Rd., past HK High School. There is one lane clear on Arkay but Mario is deep in snow! It looks like we have over 3 feet but can't get past the porch to check it out. I'm just VERY grateful we have power. I'll never forget the 8 days without power last year. Miserable. I hope everyone is staying in and safe. I'm sure we'll be cleared as soon as is possible. I'm proud to say Higganum's roads are usually cleared much sooner than my friends in other towns :-)
Keep the river front for all of us February 09, 2013 at 09:26 PM
I agree with you 150% about the power. Friend lives in Haddam Neck and their roads are "bare" in some areas. Found out that the town actually subcontracts the roads out there................maybe that isn't such a bad idea. Just can't figure out that if a plow truck could go through my road at 6:30 am..............why it can't come back ???


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