Town, State Police Departments Investigated for FOI Compliance

Police Lights, Credit Patch
Police Lights, Credit Patch

As citizens, we value our safety and security, at home and when we're out on the roadways.  We're very fortunate to have other citizens who have chosen to become our town and state police officers, who work hard, long hours to make sure that this is possible, putting their own well-being and lives on the line each time they go out on duty for the public they protect and serve.

It is also important as citizens to have the knowledge of what is going on around us, and to be aware when something isn't right, or if there is some type of danger that we need to try to avoid, or pay particular attention to.

There are also certain times and situations in that we, as regular citizens, can actually help the police, such as solving a burglary or other crime by providing information about someone or something we've seen or heard, or even helping to get lost or stolen items back to their rightful owners.

For that to happen, we need to be informed. That's where the media (news reporters and editors) come in to play, to act as a kind of "liaison" between the police and the general public. Without this connection and teamwork-effort, many more crimes and incidents could or would also take place or remain unsolved.

Visiting the police barracks to pick up information can be very time-consuming, and requires a certain amount of patience and dedication to properly retrieve and sometimes translate the details for these police activity reports.

In some cases where there is not a press release available, the 'investigating officer' of any particular incident or motor-vehicle accident must be contacted personally to confirm certain details. Other officers or Sergeants can be reluctant to get involved, for fear of compromising that particular officer's investigation.

When a report is unavailable, oftentimes  it is suggested that a reporter leave a voice-mail for that particular officer, and if that message is not immediately returned, (or not returned at all) some of those reports and incidents are not able to be included in the general news report, depending on the nature of the details requested.

Support and cooperation (communication) between the police department staff and individual reporters is crucial in order to inform the public correctly and thoroughly.

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