DIY Wooden Letter Blocks

A year's worth of decorations in one easy-to-make project

These simple wooden blocks can be enjoyed throughout the year. With six sides, there are six possibilities! I chose LOVE, SNOW, USA, and NOEL, then left two sides blank, just covered with fall inspired papers. 

There’s a combination for every time of year! What’s great about this project is its versatility. Experiment with different themes, add on extra blocks … the sky’s the limit!


·        Four 4-inch cubes of wood

·        Acrylic paint and paintbrushes

·        Decorative papers

·        Decoupage medium

·        Chipboard letters

·        Glue

·        Sandpaper


1.     Paint chipboard letters in desired colors.  Set aside to dry.

2.     Cut papers into 3-by-3 3/4-inch squares. You may have to trim them depending on how accurately you cut your wood. Your paper should fit just inside the surface of your cube. (I used a different paper on each of the six sides of my cubes, but feel free to experiment. You may like the look of just two or three different papers, or even the same paper on all sides of your cube, depending on how versatile you’d like this decoration to be.

3.     Using your decoupage medium, adhere the paper to the sides of the cubes.  (Decoupage is a very simple technique. It usually is done in just three steps. Apply a layer of the medium to your surface. Put your paper in place. Then apply another layer of the medium. However, read the directions carefully on your particular bottle, as some of the details do differ from brand to brand.)

4.     After decoupage medium is completely dry, sand the edges and corners of your blocks.

5.    Glue chipboard letters in place.

Nikki McGonigal is a wife, mom, and die-hard crafter. She loves sharing her crafty skills with others, and believes that anyone can “go handmade!” Give her ideas a try, and feel free to ask questions along the way. Fore more projects, ideas, and tutorials, visit her blog, www.NikkiInStitches.Wordpress.com. You can reach her at nikkiinstitches@gmail.com.

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