Looking for a Way to Say "Thanks" After the Storm?

Who deserves your thanks? The road crews, the stranger who plowed the end of your driveway, your neighbor, or anyone else who helped you out during this historic snow storm? Thank them right here on Patch for everyone to see.


It's been a snow storm of epic proportions that all of us in this corner of Connecticut will remember for a lifetime.

"Where were you when the Blizzard of 2013 hit?" will be asked and answered over and over.

Patch is a great forum to use for community conversations. This time, let's all say a big "thanks" to any person or group who helped us out during this storm. It's easier than sending a thank you note!

The good Samaritan stories are making their way around the kitchen tables: a woman who picked up extra groceries for her elderly neighbor; the lone snow plow operator who stopped to help someone out of a snow ditch; the family who took in a co-worker who lost power at their house.

The stories are out there. Add your story and "thank you" to the comments following this article.

Sgordonct February 13, 2013 at 12:04 PM
Thank you to Higgins Electric who stopped to help clear the final 15 feet of my driveway! As you know, the final 15 feet contains the hard packed ice that the plows push in as they drive by. Thank you!


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